Other Writing


2018. “#MeToo, and You, and You, and You, Too.” The London Reader. Winter 2018. 83-85.

2018. “Advice to the Mentally Ill from the Queen Bee.” Plenitude. 30 November 2018. http://plenitudemagazine.ca/advice-to-the-mentally-ill-from-the-queen-bee/

2016. Excerpt from You Don’t Want What I’ve GotRyga: A Journal of Provocations. 9. http://www.rygajournal.ca/ryga-9-summer-2016.html

2015. “Crush.” The Malahat Review 190: 38-39.

2008. Four poems in The Fiddlehead 236: 113-116.

2007. Excerpt from “Of February” in The Globe and Mail: M7.

2007. Two poems in Gaspereau Gloriatur: Book of the Blessed Tenth Year. Vol. 1. Ed. Michael DeBeyer, Kate Kennedy and Andrew Steeves. Kentville, NS: Gaspereau Press. 54-55.

2007. Two poems in Contemporary Verse 2 29.4: 49-50. http://www.contemporaryverse2.ca/en/poetry/excerpt/of-future-cosmetics

2007. “Of What I Have Always Known.” The Fieldstone Review. http://www.fieldstonereview.usask.ca/article.php?article=24

2006. “Confidence Tricks.” Qwerty Decade. Ed. Jill Connell and Joel Katelnikoff. Fredericton, NB: Icehouse Press/Qwerty Books. 83-84.

2005. “Phobic.” Broken Pencil: 30.

2004. Six poems in Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets. Ed. Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane. Roberts Creek, BC: Nightwood Editions. 58-62.

2002. Four poems in The Fiddlehead 212: 80-81.

2002. Two poems in The Antigonish Review 128: 105-106.

2000. “Blue.” Pottersfield Portfolio 21.1: 53.

2000. “We Fight Rancid Winds…” The Fiddlehead 206: 91.

1999. Untitled ghazal. Other Voices 12.1: 16.

1997. “Liking Chocolate Again.” Grain 25.2: 59.


Review of Karen Solie’s The Road In Is Not The Same Road Out. The Fiddlehead 268 (2016): 174-175.

Review of Méira Cook’s Writing Lovers: Reading Canadian Love Poetry by WomenUniversity of Toronto Quarterly 76.1 (2007): 607-608. http://muse.jhu.edu/login?auth=0&type=summary&url=/journals/university_of_toronto_quarterly/v076/76.1finlay.pdf

Review of Margaret Atwood’s The Tent. Ideas 3.2 (2006): 57.

“Back to the Modern: Three Ottawa Poets.” Arc Poetry Magazine 57 (2006): 90-95. *Winner of the 2007 Critic’s Desk Award* http://arcpoetry.ca/?p=202

Review of Donna Kane’s Somewhere, A Fire. Arc Poetry Magazine 56 (2006): 101-102.

Review of Jeanette Lynes’s The Aging Cheerleader’s Alphabet. Arc Poetry Magazine 52 (2004): 102.

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