Other Writing


2022. “#PlantMetaphors.” Plenitude. 15 February 2022. Read “#PlantMetaphors” here.

2021. Two poems in Marsh Blue Violet: A Queer New Brunswick Anthology. Ed. RM Vaughan. Frog Hollow Press.

2020. “February.” Reversing Falls: Book 1: Original English Language Poems of New Brunswick Translated into French. Frog Hollow Press.

2020. Two poems in The Temz Review 13. 18 December 2020. Read them here.

2020. “Adjusting the Psychotropics.” Untethered Magazine 5.2: 39-40.

2020. “Where I Meet My Diagnoses in the Real World.” G U E S T. Ed. Jim Johnstone.

2020. Two poems in Marsh Blue Violet: Queer Poetry from New Brunswick. Special Issue of Periodicities: A Journal of Poetry and Poetics (online). Ed. RM Vaughan. Read them here.

2018. “#MeToo, and You, and You, and You, Too.” The London Reader. Winter 2018. 83-85.

2018. “Advice to the Mentally Ill from the Queen Bee.” Plenitude. 30 November 2018. Read “Advice to the Mentally Ill from the Queen Bee” here.

2016. Excerpt from You Don’t Want What I’ve GotRyga: A Journal of Provocations 9.

2015. “Crush.” The Malahat Review 190: 38-39.

2008. Four poems in The Fiddlehead 236: 113-116.

2007. Excerpt from “Of February” in The Globe and Mail: M7.

2007. Two poems in Gaspereau Gloriatur: Book of the Blessed Tenth Year. Vol. 1. Ed. Michael DeBeyer, Kate Kennedy and Andrew Steeves. Kentville, NS: Gaspereau Press. 54-55.

2007. Two poems in Contemporary Verse 2 29.4: 49-50. Read them here.

2007. “Of What I Have Always Known.” The Fieldstone Review. 

2006. “Confidence Tricks.” Qwerty Decade. Ed. Jill Connell and Joel Katelnikoff. Fredericton, NB: Icehouse Press/Qwerty Books. 83-84.

2005. “Phobic.” Broken Pencil: 30.

2004. Six poems in Breathing Fire 2: Canada’s New Poets. Ed. Lorna Crozier and Patrick Lane. Roberts Creek, BC: Nightwood Editions. 58-62.

2002. Four poems in The Fiddlehead 212: 80-81.

2002. Two poems in The Antigonish Review 128: 105-106.

2000. “Blue.” Pottersfield Portfolio 21.1: 53.

2000. “We Fight Rancid Winds…” The Fiddlehead 206: 91.

1999. Untitled ghazal. Other Voices 12.1: 16.

1997. “Liking Chocolate Again.” Grain 25.2: 59.


Review of Karen Solie’s The Road In Is Not The Same Road Out. The Fiddlehead 268 (2016): 174-175.

Review of Méira Cook’s Writing Lovers: Reading Canadian Love Poetry by WomenUniversity of Toronto Quarterly 76.1 (2007): 607-608. Read the review here.

Review of Margaret Atwood’s The Tent. Ideas 3.2 (2006): 57.

“Back to the Modern: Three Ottawa Poets.” Arc Poetry Magazine 57 (2006): 90-95. *Winner of the 2007 Critic’s Desk Award* Read the review here.

Review of Donna Kane’s Somewhere, A Fire. Arc Poetry Magazine 56 (2006): 101-102.

Review of Jeanette Lynes’s The Aging Cheerleader’s Alphabet. Arc Poetry Magazine 52 (2004): 102.

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