Sample Poems

From Histories Haunt Us:


“Self-Portrait As Someone You Might Like To Meet”


Because I like to arrange pills in patterns

before I take them.


Because there are no elephants here.


Because I’ve mentioned elephants.


I was broken–I’ll say it plain

and that’s what you’ll like,

the plainness, smooth

face, pop of blue in the eye.


I read ’til I was green again

(new and ill and envious).

It didn’t work but I kept going.


The words weren’t enough

and neither is this.

From Splitting Off:


“Dreaming Your Anaphylaxis”


In a parkette, on Bathurst, a bench

I passed by chance. You and the swelling,

foreign protein, one more reaction.


How many times have I asked

how to work the EpiPen,

which end to open, which to stab you with.


The chest will not quite fall.


Something this obvious–

respiratory distress, the city,

a black X marked on your skin–

bears repeating,


waits behind the eyes like a bruised hip

under corduroy jeans.


Evidence of something real,


panic and the bleak collapse of circulation,

inappropriate, waiting.

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