Poem Quilt

Allison Green, an amazing textile artist who lives in Fredericton, made a hand-painted silk quilt inspired by my poem “Her Needle” (from my first book, Splitting Off). Check out more of Allison’s exceptional work here.


 Allison Green, “Proper Tension” 2014

Poem Painting/Collage

Fredericton-based artist Marsha Clark has created a beautiful painting/collage based on one of my poems, “Being So Careful,” from Histories Haunt Us. You can check out the rest of Marsha’s striking artwork here:


Marsha Clark, “Litany of Names” 2014

Book Covers

The art on the covers of both Splitting Off and Histories Haunt Us is by the incredible Sante Fe-based artist Alexandra Eldridge. See more of Alexandra’s book cover art here. Find more of Alexandra’s artwork here.


Splitting Off cover art: Alexandra Eldridge, “The Gradual Evolution of Vision”

Splitting Off cover design: Silas White


Histories Haunt Us cover art: Alexandra Eldridge, “As Above So Below”

Histories Haunt Us cover design: Anna Comfort

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