Winter Music


I love Fredericton–in all seasons. But this winter has been unrelenting. I took this photo in early December, along the Saint John river, just a few blocks from our house. The snow hasn’t stopped since then. Walking around downtown can feel claustrophobic now…the snowbanks are so much taller than I am.

I’ve been listening to Buck 65’s newest album Neverlove on repeat. It strikes me as a very wintery album but, despite its fairly constant theme of relationships falling apart, it fills me with hope. Especially the track “Super Pretty Naughty,” a very cheeky parody of pop songs and pop idol culture (watch the video! My birthday is coming up, and the gods know I’ll be playing that track to celebrate. I’ve also been playing a lot of Dragonette (especially Bodyparts) and Tegan & Sara (Closer, though I love their earlier stuff too). And now my son is getting into EDM, glitch hop and trap, which is all new to me. I’m finding it so energizing, in a Jenny Holzer-meets-Alphonse Mucha kind of way: LED installation meets the stunning colour and lyric beauty of Art Nouveau.

Beats from the body that change with the temperature shifts.

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